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Baseball Field

The baseball field is receiving some much needed TLC, giving a new shine to an old history after 46 years of season after season play. Taking on a new facelift of the field, infield, sod, and fencing. The field had not seen this kind of care since 1972. “[The field] wasn’t completely horrible, but some…

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Cassie White

After placing 3rd at Regionals competed at the state singles tourney for Div. 4 bowling.  Led the conference with a 208 season avg.

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Trainer Charlie

Quincy’s athletic trainer Charlie Birchmeier has shown to be a tremendous addition to the Quincy staff, helping to mend the broken and keep the strong healthy. Working hard through his first year as an active trainer and receiving his degree from Saginaw State University this past May. Birchmeier enjoys a lot of things about being…

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