Trainer Charlie

Quincy’s athletic trainer Charlie Birchmeier has shown to be a tremendous addition to the Quincy staff, helping to mend the broken and keep the strong healthy. Working hard through his first year as an active trainer and receiving his degree from Saginaw State University this past May.

Birchmeier enjoys a lot of things about being an athletic trainer. “I really enjoy watching all the different sports here at Quincy and working with all the athletes. I also like the challenge of figuring out what some athletes injuries might be and finding ways to help them heal faster with exercises,” athletic trainer Charlie Birchmeier said.

To Birchmeier the toughest part is “learning and remembering everyone’s names, there are a lot of athletes in a lot of different sports here, so it can be tough to keep track of everyone.”

He likes being a trainer at Quincy because “everyone from the staff to the students have been very nice and helpful to me. Also I like working at a school where there are [a lot] different sports and there is a lot of variety in the sports [and they all have their unique challenges] here at Quincy.”

Birchmeier’s future plans are to remain at Quincy longer than the last few trainers have.

“I like this school and the people here, so I plan to be here for awhile,” trainer Charlie Birchmeier said.

Thank you Charlie Birchmeier.