Baseball Field

The baseball field is receiving some much needed TLC, giving a new shine to an old history after 46 years of season after season play. Taking on a new facelift of the field, infield, sod, and fencing. The field had not seen this kind of care since 1972.

[The field] wasn’t completely horrible, but some things were getting really bad…the part that needed the most improvement was the transition from the grass to the dirt on the infield. It was really bad, sometimes balls would bounce off of a lip and shoot over your head into the outfield,” senior Caleb McCavit said.

Sports Turf Management has been working hard to bring this baseball field back to its finest condition. Fixing the backstop, dugouts, field conditions, as well as man other things.

“A cleaned up and nice looking venue (field) is eye candy, but players will have an increased opportunity to advance skills by playing on a ‘true” diamond one that is level, minus lips or bumps,” baseball head coach Patrick Dillon said.

Coach Dillon, as well as the team, are very proud of the new look and what the field can provide for the baseball program. According to Coach Dillon, “other amenities to advance the baseball facilities would be bullpens, improved batting cages, a batting cage shell, and some aesthetics – flowers,  trees, etc and a spectator friendly environment” would be the next step in creating a better and more improved program.

“We aren’t all the way there yet, but when [the players] show up with the attitude of we “get” to work on the diamond vs we “have” to work on the field.  Then we will [have] a 1st class baseball facility,” Coach Dillon said.

The graduating seniors will have their first and last season on this shining new field as they say goodbye to their high school baseball experience.

“This being the first and last year on this field will be very fun and sad at the same time.  It will be a fun last year playing baseball with all my friends but when it comes to an end it will be sad.  I am just excited to see what this season brings,” senior Caleb McCavit said.

The baseball team will have the opportunity to take the field March 27 in the game against Olivet.