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Ident-a-Kid – Jennings Elementary and the Quincy Community Schools have employed a new system to deepen our safety systems. A few highlights of importance: (1) It is imperative that you have your driver’s license with you if you are going to be a visitor or checking in/out a student. (2) At the front desk, you will use a computer to record the reason you are in the building or signing in or out a student….as there will no longer be paper documentation. (3) If you have signed in at any time to enter the building, you will be required to wear the printed visitor pass which will have your photo recorded. (4) Signing out is done in the same fashion.

Please understand that it may take a little longer for the sign in/out process at first until the system is fully implemented. The end of the day pick-up (2:55pm) will not require the use of the system. We encourage parents to leave students in school until the end of the day…as if students are requested to leave early, the new checkout process will be followed.